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Welcome to my official website. 

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l am a board-certified Neurosurgeon currently practicing at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad. I have created this page to create awareness about

Brain and Spine disorders.

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Specialist At

Brain Tumors

Early diagnosis and prompt treatment are keys to successfully recovery from brain tumours. With advanced technologies and a right surgeons help one can achieve complete cure in most of the tumours.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

As opposed to open spine surgery, MIS Surgery can be faster, Safer, and requires less recovery time. Moreover, it causes less trauma to muscles and tissues of the body.

Spinal Fusion Procedures

Some of the spine disorders require fixation and stabilisation of the spine using screws and rods. Dr Raveesh is an adept neurosurgeon with ample experience in fixation procedures of CV junction, Cervical(anterior & posterior), dorsal and lumbar spine.

Brain And Spine Trauma

With years of experience in dealing with management of polytrauma, specially regarding brain and spine injuries. We ensure safety and ethical practices.

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